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Since 2005 Randwick Council has approved MORE THAN 4,460 NEW DWELLINGS.
Hundreds of these EXCEED zoned limits.

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Virtually nothing in the staff report on the draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) reflects the input from the community from the consultation process, that's usual for government consultation. BUT an overwhelming response from the community against OVERDEVELOPMENT, that can't be hidden from consultation process.

Many of the responses focus on specific sites, which we have summarised in an update to the Local Environmental Plan - see tab on left. Ultimately, it's our elected representatives that will make the decision on the final LEP which is submitted to the State Government.

We need one final push to these Councillors to let them know we are against overdevelopment, specifically increased building heights in residential areas and not to proceed with commercial centre changes proposed.

Please email expressing your concern with overdevelopment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a request that he forwards this to each Councillor.  Even better, you can email Councillor direct, and here is the link for these addresses:

Email Councillors


Well, the community feedback for the draft Local Environment Plan is now available and a summary will be presented to Council on Tuesday 22 May.  We will post a further update when we see the response of Council staff to the communities submissions.

Overwhelming, we are against OVERDEVELOPMENT. That's no surprise and THANKS everyone who has taken time to let Council know of your concerns.  We need a final push in the few days before 22 May to 'remind' Councillors of our concerns on OVERDEVELOPMENT, which if the Local Environment Plan proceeds in the current form is sure to come.

What do we hope will be changed?

1. No new commercial centres (9 were proposed) and no amendments to the existing, including Maroubra Beach, Kensington, Matraville and Carr Streeet Coogee.
2. Keep the height protection for residential areas. Existing "wall heights" in place should be adopted as the building heights in the new LEP.
3. Withdrawal of all the one-off rezoning proposals for residential areas that were sneeked through the origina discussion paper and the draft Local Environment Plan, all without properly notifying the nearby neighbours of course.

Verified Approved New Dwellings Randwick City Council (2005 to date)




Randwick City Council is already over 50% of the way to the target of 8,400 new dwellings (set by the previous state government) for the Randwick City Council area by 2031, in less than 25% of the time!!

As this only includes dwellings we have been able to verify, Randwick Council says it will publish a list when it releases the "residential area' discussion paper (5 of 6) so the actual number may be a lot higher.

Please see our list of the development applications approved since 2005 at the 'Residential Area Changes

This is only what we have identified, arranged by street order. Email us of any others you are aware of and we will investigate and update the list.

Read more: Verified Approved New Dwellings Randwick City Council (2005 to date)