About Us

This website was originally operated and maintained by local resident James Kruss.

Kruss has a Bachelor in Engineering (hons 1st class) and a Graduate Diploma of Education

This is his story:

"I first became aware of theĀ Randwick Education and Health Specialised Centre Discussion Paper on March 8 2011 when a concerned resident had placed something in my letter box.

I was shocked that a study proposing such grand scale development had not been mailed directly to me by council with large writing saying "This will effect you!". I attended a public meeting held at the Rainbow St School where the Inglis developers presented plans, and like me, many residents in attendance had only just been made aware of the study, due to the actions of another concerned community member.<Founders of SaveRandwick>

I realized immediately that it is up to our community to hold council and government accountable and that we need to do our part where these services fail to deliver. I saw many very angry residents that day (I believe over 100 attended), with just a handful really trying to do something about it. As such, I set up this website and have worked tirelessly since to understand the issues, and provide frank and honest information, providing references wherever possible, and to help co-ordinate the efforts of local residents who care enough to represent the silent majority.

This is the only website that I am aware of that covers everything from understanding the current stage of the process, where to find detailed information, where officials and MP's stand on the issues, and much more including publishing local precinct minutes (and it's been live for less than 2 weeks as I write this)!

If you have a problem with over-development in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, I would like to hear from you. I cannot guarantee I will be able to investigate everything as this is unpaid work and my time is limited, but if I can help shed light on things, I will!

If you wish to donate to the cause, or to help keep the website operational, please contact me."