Development Control Plan


Councillor Matson has responded to community concern about the loss (in the revised draft LEP) of the wall height standard.

Cr Matson proposes that existing DCPs be updated ahead of the revised DCP being published.  It is significant that one of the longest serving Councillors is prepared to recognise the overdevelopment impact of the new LEP.

We hope the other councillors agree with what he proposes.


The Development Control Plan (DCPs) will operate in conjunction with the Local Environment Plan (LEP), but be more 'advisory' rather than a statutory document like the LEP.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been issued yet which is of concern as many of the controls in the existing LEP have been taken out of the draft LEP (exhibited until 2 April 2012) and been promised in the Development Control Plan.  We would like to be certain, but it seems this is not possible.

Currently, there are various DCPs including residential houses, parking and some for various commercial centres.  We have been told that the existing DCPs will be updated and consolidated into 1 document AND most importantly contain the 'external wall height' standard which will not be carried forward to the new LEP.  See the 'Local Environment Plan' tab on the left more more information on this.





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