Bundock Defence Site

Bundock Street Defence Site

This site is public land that has been used by the Department of Defence

for over 100 years. About 15 years ago it was decided that the land was no

longer of use to the Department and so began a development process which

has seen a multi million dollar Land and Environment Court case, Senate

Inquiries and a number of contentious proposals.

The land is the size of small suburb and so the impact on residents of

development proposals, both local and across Randwick City is monumental.

The site is also heavily contaminated and residents are constantly fighting to

ensure that remediation is conducted in the proper way and that existing

residents near the site are protected from remediation works.

For an overview of some of the features of this site, which include an

ephemeral wetland, endangered species of flora and fauna, please go to:


Guiding Principles for the Bundock Defence site, Randwick

The guiding principles have been written to assist residents to frame their objections to


1. A full and comprehensive plan for the whole site, including the Randwick Army Barracks and the Argyle Crescent triangular land should be disclosed to the residents.

2. Minimisation of the density of development on the site.

3. Thorough and objective analysis of traffic impacts when considering development and no approval of development unless public transport has been enhanced and sufficient parking provided.

4. Full protection of the health and safety of residents during any works (including Commonwealth works) on the site not just Site Audit Statements which occur after the site has been remediated.

5. Genuine consultation with residents on proposed plans when they are first presented to Council, not after they have been negotiated between Council officers and the developers.

6. All objections made by residents should be included in the matters under dispute when plans are referred to the Land and Environment Court - not only those matters which Council officers are interested in.

7. Information that is accessible and timely on all activities that affect residents so that residents can make arrangements to minimise the impacts of construction eg dust, trucks etc.

8. Retention of open space including the triangular parcel of land on Argyle Crescent which has to date been left out of plans.

9. No further residential development on the Randwick Army Barracks site including development that is purported to be for defence personnel.

10. Protection and restoration all the wetland area and the remnant vegetation on the site including the endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, some of which is current caged by fencing and neglected. The Plan of Management for the Environment Park should be provided to residents for consultation.

11. Housing development must not have a detrimental effect on current residents. This requires the assessment of the social and environmental impact of any proposed options for development ie the effects of a significant increase in population and resulting increase in traffic, parking, views, strain on community services and loss of amenity..

12. No commercial development.

13 No north/south through traffic across the site.

14.  Current residents must be protected from the negative impacts of T intersections. There are  two T-intersections proposed for the site - one onto Bundock Street (between Ellen and Hendy Streets) and one onto Avoca Street. Both will have negative impacts on residents as they will receive headlight glare and the potential for serious accidents directly into their homes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SopHgLzJOyY


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