Discussion Papers - the update

Over the course of 2010 and 2011 Randwick City Council issued 6 'Discussion Papers' as part of a process to inform a new Local Environmental Plan (LEP).  This LEP will replace the version issued in 1998 (with a few modifications on the way) and will determine the built environment plus the management of open space in the City of Randwick.

The LEP is an incredibly important document as it will influence what could get built next to you, what the overall development pattern of Randwick City looks like and therefore the pressures of traffic, parking, public transport that we all face.

There were 6 'discussion papers' issued, although this was somewhat of a misnomer as Randwick Council staff only provided responses to the 'discussion' in a summary report to Councillors in November 2011.  You won't therefore be surprised to learn that Council staff changed little of what they initially proposed as part of "the discussion".

Anyway, we are getting ahead of ourselves, the 6 discussion papers were:

1. Industrial lands - being first, concerning land to the south western part of the Randwick City area, such as around Matraville, Port Botany etc.

2.Special uses - This covers things like schools (public and private), Universities & TAFEs, hospitals, churches (or equivalent) as well as something like the sewerage treatment plant at Malabar.  If you live next to a school, church etc, what you need to be aware of is that if the need for that site changes, it can be used for a purpose similar to an adjacent zone.  So for a church near a shopping centre, that could either be a commercial use or a residential use, these types of zonings usually surrounding a church.  But, there is no saying that the new zoning will be the same as yours.  Mostly likely to maximise the value of the site to a new purchaser, the residential or commercial zoning given will be very much higher and denser than your home.  High rise apartments or office space giving the most value to a developer.

3. Randwick Health & Education Specialised Centre - being the area around the University and Prince of Wales Hospitals, particularly on High & Barker Streets, although including a much larger surounding area.    This was the most outrageous of the discussion papers, one which resulted in this saverandwick.com website.  We've left the web page for that discussion paper 'as is'

4. Open Space - being a translation of the existing, but not without some undesirable aspects. 

5. Residential Areas - you won't be surprised this involved an increase in height of buildings and floor space ratio.  This impacting a majority of residents.

6. Commercial Centres.  Many former neighbourhood shops now to be rezoned from residential to commercial.  Also, some controversy here also, with Kensington and Matraville being 'upscaled' to a wider range of permitted uses ("B1") as currently permitted in Kingsford, Maroubra Junction, Randwick and Coogee.  Coogee resident sare keen to move to the smaller scale zone ("B2"), but haven't found support from Council staff.



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