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High rise development

A study (undertaken by council) proposes to rezoning areas of Randwick and Kingsford from Low Density residential to High Density mixed use. This could allow construction of 24m residential buildings in many areas.

We only have until the end of March to submit comments on the Council's study of the area which will inform zoning and development.

The impact on already scarce parking and serious road congestion alone makes this rezoning and development a potential disaster for current residents and could have an enormous impact on quality of life for the locals in the area. Council seems in full support of mass development.

The study can be found here.

You can send written comments clearly headed 'Randwick Education and Health Specialised Centre Discussion Paper' to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for comments: Friday 31 March 2011 - PLEASE MAKE COMMENTS!!!!!!

Submissions on the 'Randwick Education and Health Specialised Centre Discussion Paper' are due 31 March (LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED) so please MAKE A SUBMISSION RIGHT NOW!

Update: 124 submissions had been received by council by 2/5/11. That's a great result so let's hope they listen.

A short submission should be possible in around 30 minutes (if you use the below summary document as a template).

We recommend you use the following format:

  1. Short description of what your issues are
  2. Dot points for each issue you have (you could also make your own recommendation)
  3. Conclusion or statement you feel Council should hear

Sue Doran (Greens) has put together an excellent submission and you can use either her summary document or full submission as starting points for your own. We thank Sue for her work already on bringing light to this study, publicly standing against over-development, and for providing us with her submission as an example.

Summary Document
Full Submission

Please email your submission to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We recommend requesting a read receipt and phoning council in the event that you do not get the read response.

Further down this page you will find specific parts of the Study that may be of concern to you.

Council has published this map (left) separate to the paper to clear up exactly which properties they intend to rezone to allow high rise buildings

Mayer Murray Matson has written a Mayoral Minute which has been endorsed by Council:

This does not alter the proposed rezoning to 2D outlined in the Randwick Education and Health Specialised Centre Study Paper or the Inglis application.

What it does do, amongst other things, is to put a limit of 15m rather than 24m on building heights. However, it also notes, "with concessions in carefully chosen locations for affordable housing incentives". Given that the Study paper mentions affordable housing in numerous places, we are unsure as to how this will be applied by Council and therefore not convinced that it is an adequate measure to reduce building heights. It appears the developers for the Inglis Stables site are not convinced either, as they have proposed 25m buildings.

Also, feel free to engage in the debate at http://bangthetable.com/uniandhealthcentre

Some parts of the study paper of specific concern are:
  • Part A - Page 54: "Infill housing and large site redevelopment - Council research notes that a substantial change in planning controls would be required to make infill redevelopment viable across the residential areas. This Paper will instead focus on specific locations along key roads/public transport routes for providing additional housing potential. Large sites, such as the Inglis stables (Newmarket) site, can also provide some housing potential"
  • Part A - Page 57: "Provide for a transition in the height/scale of development on key streets adjacent to the institutions (e.g. High Street, Barker Street and Avoca Street)"
  • Part A - Page 62: Proposed future transport. There is no increase to the area centered around Botany St and Barker St despite plans for 800-900 new dwellings on the Inglis site and plans for a new neighbourhood centre.
  • Part A - Page 63: Cycle strategy route - is this another threat to our much needed and often fully utilized street parking?
  • Part A - Page 67: "the evolving neighbourhood centre on Barker Street". The paper states there is already an evolving neighbourhood centre??
  • Part A - Page 69: "Recognize the emerging neighbourhood centre...". Yet again it is stating there is an emerging centre.
  • Part A - Page 72: "Review parking DCP, and coordinate with on-street parking". What does this mean and will it impact current on-street parking?
  • Part B - Page 7: Proposed building heights on High St, Barker St and Avoca St of up to 24m.
  • Part B - Page 7: Current residential dwellings near the corner of Barker St and Botany St is marked as "Opportunity Precinct". What does this mean and what does it mean for people who currently live there?
  • Part B - Page 10: "The intersection of Anzac Parade and High Street is currently unobtrusive and modest, framed by low scale, inward-looking buildings. With the proposed relocation of existing stabling and training activities from here to the north-eastern part of the racecourse site, this corner can contribute to the Centre through better integrating with surrounding uses and providing an active, vibrant gateway and spine to the Centre." What does that actually mean? High rise buildings?
  • Part B - Page 18: "Possible long term future uses could include the extension of educational, research and/or medical uses which would strengthen the connection between the Health and University campuses. However such uses would require site amalgamation and larger floor plates, which is likely to occur slowly and in an ad-hoc manner unless the State Government intervenes to acquire sites in a targeted approach".
  • Part B - Page 20: Plans for Barker St and Struggletown. This section may be of great concern to residents in the area.
  • Part B - Pages 30, 31: Rezoning recommendations (fascinating reading, including options for Barker St to be rezoned high density mixed use "2D").
  • Part B - Page 32: Proposed building hight controls.
  • Part B - Page 44: "A timely review of the DCP has been earmarked under the Randwick City Plan to introduce updated car parking controls that reflect current best practice and innovative approaches, reduce reliance on car use and better align with car ownership rates in Randwick City." What is council doing to our very limited parking that struggles to cope with current needs???

If you believe this does not take into account the needs of the current or future residents of Randwick and Kingsford, please help us fight this rezoning and development process!

The above images (and other images on this page) represent what could be allowed based on the zoning proposals, but are not intended as accurate representations of developers visions.

We need active community support to fight this. That means people helping with petitions, media, local business, submissions to council etc. If you can help in any way even if it is just donating a small amount of time, please contact us today!

There is even more to this master plan than you may think. Check out the following -

Randwick City Council Local Environment Plan (This includes planning documents related to the Inglis site!)

Randwick City Council LEP and DCP (More documentation regarding the widescale changes)