The 12,500 Signature Petition - IGNORRED!

Update August 2017- After dozens of local residents spent hundreds of hours collecting signatures at Coogee Beach, local shopping centres, City-to-Surf (bus queues can be a good thing!), and numerous other events - SaveRandwick ended up with two petitions - each totaling over 12,500 signatures.

All we asked for is that local infrastructure be upgraded to cope with the current population living in Greater Randwick - BEFORE increasing the density any further.

We presented one to the Randwick Councillors - subsequently what did they do?  Start the process for 18 storey HIGH RISE.

We presented one to the Premier who attempted to avoid meeting us despite his office guaranteeing us 15 minutes with him.  He subsequently grabbed your petition and hurled it away on the ground.  In the end the NSW Premier broke all but one of his "Premier's Peoples Petition Promises".  He was ably assisted by Coogee MP Bruce Notley-Smith in this betrayal of residents.

The Premier refused to table it in State Parliament (broken promise) instead getting Bruce Notley-Smith to put it through months after we had given it to the Premier (another broken promise) without notifying us (another broken promise) nor the Media (another broken promise) and tabled it at the very end of the day on the last sitting day of the year.

Subsequently there were some 'intriguing' issues with donations etc etc.

... and Randwick was given TWO URBAN ACTIVATION PRECINCTS proposal covering around 1,100 hectares for up to 20 Storey High Rise.

They were later renamed "Priority Precincts" and the Anzac Parade Priority Precinct was 'MISTAKENLY' put up on the Dept of Planning's web site recently.

Was the mistake that the State Govt only intended it to become public AFTER THE COUNCIL ELECTIONS?  We think so - you don't spend hundreds of thousands drawing up detailed maps & plans 'by mistake' do you?

Download Petition to Randwick City Council |  Download Petition to Legislative Assembly

Filled petition pages can be emailed or sent to Please contact us for details.

State Election Day

Thanks to a joint effort between Kingsford South Precinct and we were able to collect signatures at Rainbow St School and Randwick Girls School on March 26 (State Election Day). A local resident arranged for large banners to be printed (below) which enabled us to step up our awareness campaign. Locals worked in shifts and did a fantastic job. It is becoming increasingly evident that if not for the efforts of of a hand full of locals the majority of residents would simply not know about the Council proposals. This doubles our resolve and we hope to grow in strength and number as people stand up to fight against over-development of Randwick and Kingsford!

Above - Peter Garrett, Member for Kingsford Smith and Randwick resident, talks with some of the SaveRandwick team while Paul Pearce takes time out to support our campaign and sign the petition.

Below Left- A local resident collects signatures in front of the banner at Rainbow St Public School. Below Right - Local residents brave the weather to collect signatures at Randwick Girls School. Ironically the whole area could be cast in shadow if the Inglis development goes ahead as planned, those are the Inglis stables in the background!


The Spot Festival

Last Sunday (March 13 2011) The Spot Festival took place and 4 local residents spent less than 3 hours attracting around 500 signatures to their petition...

A Council initiative championed by Randwick Mayor and Green's Candidate for Maroubra, Murray Matson, is to rezone multiple sites within a 1 km radius circle (covering 314 hectares in area) centered on Botany St between UNSW and Prince of Wales from predominantly Residential 2A to Residential 2D (High density mixed use - read tower blocks).  The Spot, Royal Randwick Racecourse, Paine Reserve, Struggletown are just a few of the areas impacted by this proposal which if developed to the letter of the law (or appealed to the Land & Environment Court) could see the area transformed into concrete canyons.

Indeed, Council staff and the Mayor appeared to believe this to be the dream result for Randwick residents when they released a "vision" of the various areas under this plan at their Walking Tour in late November (Walking Tour Nightmares).

Remember these are the same people who proposed building eight storey apartments on Heffron Park just a few years ago.  It seems strange that the Green's candidate would be championing converting close to 10 hectares of Royal Randwick Racecourse to tower blocks of units but the pictures are worth a thousand words.  It appears the race is on to get rid of green space in Randwick with Prince Henry, the nearby UNSW site, the Endeavour Hostel, Randwick Nissan, the Bundock St site (66 hectares) to name just a few.

Is Randwick City Council the most pro-development Council in Sydney? Actions do speak louder than words after all...

With parking already stretched due to hospitals, a university and schools, and traffic congestion already a serious and unrelenting issue, this rezoning cannot be allowed to simply go unchecked. The implications on traffic will effect all neighbouring suburbs.

Join us in our fight to stop this rezoning and save Randwick and Kingsford!